Worm's Way Tennessee

Worm's Way Tennessee
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901 Main St.
Nashville TN 37206
United States
Phone: 1.800.397.4153
Hours of Operation: Daily: 10:00am - 6:00pm
"Our Tennessee garden and home brew center debuted in February of 2004, making it the newest addition to the Worm's Way family of stores. Team members have been working hard to make it one of the South’s premier destinations for gardeners, home brewers, and home winemakers alike. Our experts are always available to answer the most difficult gardening or home brewing questions, and visitors can expect individualized attention to help make an informed decision about what's best according to their needs. The team in Tennessee is one of the best in the business!

The Worm’s Way Tennessee sales floor covers over 4000 square feet and features a wide variety of specialty gardening and home brewing products including top-of-the-line lighting and hydroponics systems, organic fertilizers and pest control, greenhouses, the highest quality beer and winemaking supplies, and more. No matter what the weather's like outside, there's always an extensive array of plants growing inside the store. Worm's Way Tennessee has something for everyone! Children love to visit our in-house worm farm, and their parents can sneak a peek at what new style of beer is bubbling away. You might even get lucky and catch us on a brew day!

The dedicated staff at Worm’s Way Tennessee is proud to contribute to the surrounding community. They support the efforts of local Habitat for Humanity, UT Agriculture Extension Office, Tennessee Tech University, Nashville Herb Society, Tennessee Organic Growers Association, Music City Brewers, Mid-State Brew Crew, Lions Club, and United Way chapters by volunteering time towards various projects and community outreach programs. Worm’s Way Tennessee and Tennessee Tech University have teamed up on a hydroponic food study in Smithville, TN to help curb childhood obesity in rural communities. The Tennessee store also provides lectures for the UT Agricultural Extension Office, the Tennessee Herb Society and local gardening clubs in an effort to help educate as many people as possible about organic and hydroponic gardening. And like all Worm's Way stores, Tennessee participates in the global hunger relief effort, Hydro for Hunger.

So be sure to stop in Worm's Way Tennessee for the best selection of year-round gardening and home brewing products, excellent customer service, and true southern hospitality"

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What People are Saying

What People are Saying


"You recently sent us some samples of Great White and Orca and I just wanted to let you know that we are seeing great results!  Our customers are giving us awesome feedback.  Just wanted to say thanks again!"


"Understanding soil biology I have always inoculated my soil with fungi to create mycorrhizae relationship. This product it excellent, it has a broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria and meets the needs of all soils. I have tried many brands and different types of carriers and I still rely on the Great White."


"Hello, First of all I would like to say Great white probably the best product out there...I love great white and use it exclusively Thank you."


"This is great stuff. I've grown identical plants from cuttings side by side with and without and the difference is amazing. I now use it with every plant I grow."


"I have geraniums on my front porch. As an experiment I used this product, putting three tablets around the base (roots) of the plants, within three days I could see an improvement. Their vigor improved and they have begun to grow lush and green. Plus lots of flowers.."


 "I had emailed Plant Success about a problem finding retailers in my area for Orca. The fine people at Plant Success helped with that that by sending me a free sample. Needless to say, I am extremely excited to try Orca, especially given the great success I have had using Great White. Thank you at Plant Success for being so supportive, and having such a wonderful team."


"Hello again, I had received a sample of your Great White product about a little over a month ago. I ve been using it for about 3 weeks and I have seen a tremendous difference in not only root growth and expansion but overall vegetative growth. I just wanted to say thanks again for the sample, I am more than pleased with your product and will continue to use it for soil and hydro as well as recommend it to all my gardening buddies."


"I tried plant success on ten 5-gallon California Coastal Oaks that I planted on my property in Blossom Valley, California about 90 days ago. Since the start of Spring I am amazed at the growth on the new trees. I purchased the fertilizer at the local nursery (Kniffings)  and will recommend the product to other homeowners."

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