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Mycorrhizae in nature, once established, enhance root growth and send thousands of tiny mycorrhizal threads into the soil creating a web of absorption. This dense net of roots and fungi enhance the availability and absorption of nutrients and moisture. This leads to enhanced uptake of crucial plant nutrients, especially phosphorous, which is a key nutrient for big and beautiful blooms. Our blends contain a diverse array of high performing microbe strains including glomus intraradices and Bacillus subtilis. Look for Great White, Orca and Plant Success at your favorite garden supply store.

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Understanding soil biology I have always inoculated my soil with fungi to create mycorrhizae relationship. This product it excellent, it has a broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria and meets the needs of all soils. I have tried many brands and different types of carriers and I still rely on the Great White.
Mycorrhize can be applied as a granular directly to roots, a powder that can be watered in, tablets placed in hole at time of transplant or as a transplanting gel.