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  • Great White product family

    Great White®


    Great White is the most complete mycorrhizal product on the market. The cutting edge formula contains 16 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 14 different species of beneficial bacteria and 2 species of trichoderma, all in one product.

  • Great White Granular 1 product family

    Great White Granular 1®


    A Single-Species Mycorrhizal Inoculant. The Glomus intraradices strain used in this product has been specifically selected because of its superior results in many field trials.

  • Orca product family



    Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae with Beneficial Bacteria. Orca is a highly concentrated LIQUID mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria product.

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Mycorrhizae and pepper plant trials

We here at Plant Success conduct many plant trials. We are constantly experimenting with new and innovative ways to work with mycorrhizae and plants in hopes of better understand this symbiotic relationship. Recently we have done trials to observe the effects of... read more

Mycorrhizae and Hydroponics

Hydroponic growers have seen great success by incorporating mycorrhizae into their systems; specifically enhanced yields, enhanced fruiting and flowering and lessened transplant shock.

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A Brief History of Mycorrhizae

The plant-mycorrhizal fungi relationship is the best understood in the field of soil biology. There are more than 60,000 studies in literature on the subject, but there is even more important proof of the importance of this web of life.

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What Our Customers Say

Understanding soil biology I have always inoculated my soil with fungi to create mycorrhizae relationship. This product it excellent, it has a broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria and meets the needs of all soils. I have tried many brands and different types of carriers and I still rely on the Great White.
Mycorrhize can be applied as a granular directly to roots, a powder that can be watered in, tablets placed in hole at time of transplant or as a transplanting gel.